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Attention Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Owners, Are you pandering to physicians?

Are you pandering to physicians?

Buying their WHOLE Office Lunch

Begging for referrals

Just so they can remember your existence among 20 other PTs doing the same exact thing when they try to refer their patients to someone else.

You are a doctor, a highly-educated, licensed healthcare professional.


Not only that, it takes a lot of money.

And you are not even expected to be a decision maker.

If the referral says: 3 visits a week for 6 weeks.

And you think you can do 5 visits once a week.

They will be like: I am going to refer to someone else.

Why am I telling you all this?

It’s because there’s a better way to get patients to come to your clinic.

This is what a lot of successful practice owner start doing instead,

And that is Market to Patients Directly.

Not physicians.

The patients get to make the decision.

They get to decide how long the treatment will be.

They get to decide how many visits per week.

Based on your professional recommendation.

Sounds like a better option?

Then you have to start taking action in your own hand.

That means you have to put yourself in front of those people who are in pain right now.

Tell them your plan of care can actually solve their problem.

Not the prescribed oxycodone or hydrocodone from their physicians.

Show them how you have helped people like them go through the process.

And they will start to come to you eventually because they know PT/Chiro is the right choice.

Not only are you getting more clients, you are also making them healthier by giving the treatment they need to fundamentally fix their problem.

If you are interested in how to market directly to patients.

Go check out a guide I specifically made for that.

Talk soon,


Chak Man Lam Founder | Upgrowth

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