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Why Most Marketing Agencies Don't Work.

There Are Two Problems:

Intention and Communication

First is Intention

Most marketing agencies would pitch you Cookie-Cutter Approaches,

To take your Hard-Earned Money

Second is Communication

Most agencies often email their clients back and forth 

And create different email files forwarding them to different people.


It's A Mess.

They always Overpromise.

And tell you that they can help you get QUICK results. 

All you have to do is give them money.

By the end of the month, When they can’t deliver the result they promised. 

They will then come up with all kinds of reasons and Upsell you.

With Poor Communication Comes Poor Transparency.
Once you send them your first payment, 

You have no idea what they will do with your money. 

Maybe they are actually doing something for you,

or not. 

Who Knows.

The Only Upside Is The Service Price

The competition within the agency realm is very fierce. 

In order for these smaller agencies to stand out, 

They are willing to lower their service price. 

If there are two agencies, 

Both guarantee they will bring you the same result. 

The first one confidently charges you $3000,

And the second one charges you $800. 

Which one do you think could actually deliver the result?

You know the answer.


No Cookie-Cutter Approaches

No Upselling

Streamlined Communication

Full Transparency

Our Mission

One of my favorite quotes is


‘If You Have A Scarcity Mindset, You Will Never Attract Abundance In Your Life’. 


This holds true for both my business and personal life. 


In order for you to get, You first have to give.


However, most small agency owners have a Taking Mindset. 


How much money can I take from this client? 


How much more can I upsell him? 


I want you and your business to succeed,


Even more than I do.


Because Our Interests Are Aligned. 


The better result you get, 

Not only is Your Win.


It’s also My Win, My team’s Win.

Because I can go out there and tell other clients this is what I did for you, 


Achieving this crazy result that no one else can do.

Instead of grabbing every opportunity I have to sell my services to the most people.

It’s more important to stay true to my beliefs.


And I will instill this not only to myself. 


But to my team and possibly you as well.

Our Approach

Instead of communicating via multiple platforms, 


We prefer a Streamline Approach. 

One And Only One Communication Platform.

So that we could actually spend the time to deliver you the result.


And to be completely transparent with what we do for your business, 


We will send you weekly updates and have bi-weekly meetings.


Because we understand the money you invest on us is your Hard-Earned Money.

You want to know what we do with your money, 


And You Absolutely Have The Right To Do So. 

How we onboard our clients

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