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Meet Chakman

Why I Started Upgrowth

In the beginning, my goal was to find a way to pay for my college tuition. The reason behind this is both my parents will be fully retired by the end of this year. And they have done enough for me already. It’s Time. It’s Time For Me To Be A Man. A Man Who Is Willing To Take Responsibility For His Own Life. A Man Who Is Grateful Enough To Know That He Is So Lucky Because His Parents Always Put Him As Their First Priority For The Past 22 Years. A Man Who Is Capable Of Putting His Family Over Him First. This Is My Drive. The Drive that fuels me to do Whatever It Takes to make it happen. If that means waking up at 6 AM on a Sunday morning to get the necessary work done. Or turning my phone off, sitting in front of my laptop and working 7 Hours Straight. Don’t even bother to ask me out for a drink on Saturday night if I am in my Monk Mode. WHATEVER IT TAKES On the 5th of June, I made a Decision. A Decision That Will Change My Life Forever. That same day that I canceled my GRE test. Put my DPT school application on the side. And called my mum to tell her I’ll start sending her money back by the end of the year. Because I realized what I am doing could mean so much more. To Me, To My Family, To My Friends, And even to the World. Instead of becoming a Physical Therapist who works in a small clinic. Only helping a few patients to fix their back pain at a time. I could help PT practice owners achieve their goals. And they could help a lot more people to regain their health because of me. This is why I would rather live a risky but rewarding life than a stable but miserable one. Therefore, I decided to go all in. And I Will Never Look Back… Talk soon, Chakman

A profile picture of the founder of Upgrowth, Chak Man Lam

I got something to tell you...

If you are a Private Practice Owner

But  you are struggling to get new patients to come to your clinic,

I completely understand.

You might have worked at different settings in the past, outpatient, inpatient, acute care, home health...

And you were treated horribly by those big PT companies.

Low pay raise opportunity,

Inflexible working hours

Poor health benefits,

And cannot provide your patients good quality of care

Because you are too busy treating three other patients at the same time

Plus the over 100k student loan debt that you have to pay back after DPT school

Very Rarely would a PT be able to make over 6 Figures PROFIT and really be able to Enjoy Their Life.

That’s why Physical Therapy Is A Glorified Profession In My Opinion.

​And I Respect All The PTs Out There, Including You, From The Bottom Of My Heart.

A bit about myself, my name is Chakman,

My goal was to become a PT as well,

And I know how bad those big PT company is

APTA as well, practically useless

That's why I want to help PT practice owners like you

To earn more income,

Have more free time,

Provide better care to their patients.

And most importantly you could live up to the expectation of what other people think of you,

A High Paying Healthcare Professional.

And I want to help you to achieve your goal.

Because you deserve it.


Talk soon,


If You Are A Practice Owner, I Got Something For You

A 10 Min Video Made Specifically For Your Practice

Image with a visual presentation of a free blueprint: The Exact Blueprint To Fill Your Clinic in 90 Days

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The Exact Blueprint To Fill Your Clinic In 90 Days

Download your copy now!

We Are More Than Just A Digital Marketing Agency

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